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Benedetta Tobagi - 'Come mi batte forte il tuo cuore'

Date: 1st Jun 2010
Time: 17:00
Venue: Room 2, Taylor Institution
Convenor: Dr Nicola Gardini (Italian, Oxford)
Speaker(s): Benedetta Tobagi

Benedetta is the daughter of one of the latest victims of Italian terrorism, the journalist Walter Tobagi, killed on 28 May 1980. Her recent book, "Come mi batte forte il tuo cuore" (Einaudi), is not just a poignant, beautifully written memoir, but also an accurate, gripping, historical reconstruction of what lies behind that tragic event and of one of the most dramatic periods of Italy's contemporary history.

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Chaired by Dr Nicola Gardini (Oxford) and Dr Ruth Glynn (Bristol). 

Co-organized by the Sub-Faculty of Italian and Italian Studies at Oxford.

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