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ISO research areasISO carries out a series of research activities (e.g. projects, seminars) which fall into four research areas as illustrated below.

  • Institutions and Governance: This area deals with the study of Italian institutions, their governance structure and historical evolution, and how their impact on Italy's position in the international arena affects its ability to innovate and compete in a globalised economy. It also concerns the mechanisms through which identities are shaped and modified in systems of accountability and governance.
  • Image and the Media: This area deals with the study of the evolution and perception of Italy's image in the international cultural and economic arena and how this affects the country's capacity to attract and retain human and financial resources. It also investigates the role both of the media and the visual arts in representing and shaping national identities and social characteristics.
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship: This area deals with the study of factors affecting the ability of Italian institutions and organisations to innovate and compete effectively in a globalised arena. Innovations are generated and transformed into an enterprise in chains of economic, social and cultural factors. How Italian organizations and institutions have been able to transform these into a competitive advantage is one of ISO's main research interests.
  • History and Culture: This area deals with the study of the Italian cultural and historical heritage, its valorisation and dissemination, its capacity to represent the increasing diversity of composition of the Italian population, and its impact on the evolution and current shape of Italian institutions and organizations.

These areas reflect ISO's interdisciplinary ethos and are analysed through our research projects and seminars.

ISO's research activities consist in the design of research projects, the definition of appropriate funding provisions for their development, and the organisation of seminars and events where research ideas and findings are debated.

ISO's current research interests concentrate on two areas: Cultural impacts of human mobility, and Foreign Language Learning in Italy and Britain. 

ISO also hosts a seminar series titled Italy's Changing Shapes, which aims to foster debate on issues of current relevance for Italy's culture, business, politics and society.

For further information on ISO's research activities, approach, and to explore future possibilities for collaboration, please contact us at: