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Research strategy

Italy represents an interesting theoretical locus to study contemporary and historical changes in culture, society, politics and the economy.

The rich interaction among the cultural, social and organizational norms and practices that characterize Italy and its institutions is thus best studied from an interdisciplinary viewpoint. ISO aims to facilitate dialogue between specialists in different fields which goes beyond a simple exchange of information. Moving beyond one simple perspective and avoiding abstract academic speculation is vital in order to be able to address complex issues with the necessary awareness of all potential pitfalls. For instance, past attempts at creating a solid industrial base in various parts of Italy have failed because of insufficient attention being given to their social and cultural impact. Similarly, recent calls to reform Italy's higher education sector by adopting a market rationale risk ignore the complex institutional and cultural environment in which these reforms should take place.

ISO integrates its study of Italy within the wider dimension of comparative studies related to the European and international context, thus providing comparative data and cases which will be of use for policy making in Italy and elsewhere.