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Film Screening: "La Quarta Via"

Date: 4th Mar 2011
Time: 16:00
Venue: Mary Eccles Seminar Room, Pembroke College
Convenor: Italian Studies at Oxford
Speaker(s): Simone Brioni (director) and Kaha Mohamed Aden (protagonist)

*All welcome* A glass of wine will be served after this event in Broadgate's Hall, Pembroke College.

Further information:

"La Quarta Via" is a documentary by Simone Brioni (University of Warwick).

Kaha Mohamed Aden narrates her memories of Mogadishu, her birth city, and reconstructs its story in Pavia, where she currently lives. The capital of Somalia is divided into five streets, which correspond to different historical periods. "La Quarta Via" symbolizes the actuality of civil war. This negates the preceding periods and makes it necessary to hope for a "fifth street".

The film has English subtitles.